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What Star is Guiding You to Jesus?

What is the star in your life guiding you to Jesus? 

That star might just be the dream or hope of your fruitfulness fulfilled. 

In my life, that’s been the star that has guided me to Jesus and has led me down paths I never anticipated, to prayer experiences that were deep and profound, to serving others in the meantime, to gifts and talents unfolding in new and special ways, to companionship and community to support me in the waiting, to an ever expanding spiritual life and worldview, and to healing self so that fruitfulness can be realized. What an amazing journey it's been!

The star of desiring my fruitfulness fulfilled, the fruitfulness that God desires for me, has led me down the journey of seeking Christ, finding Christ, and following Christ. Unexpected gifts and graces were found along the way.

Sometimes in the waiting, we just look at and dream of the star. We might do that for years and nothing happens because we’re not actively seeking or doing anything to reach it!

Instead, let’s take a lesson from those Wise Men and Magi. They didn’t just look at the star and ponder it. They didn’t just daydream about it. They didn’t expect God to bring Jesus to them. They sought after it. They followed it. They journeyed to it. They found it through taking action and getting uncomfortable. 

And don’t forget the ending… they were overjoyed when they found the place it led to. They would have never experienced that joy and fulfillment if they didn’t take the steps needed to get there or follow the way of the star.

Follow the star ladies! It will not lead you astray.

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