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Celtic Our Father: A Prayer for the Waiting

I recently came across a Celtic Our Father, a beautiful prayer to meditate on during this season of resurrection. I would encourage you to pray with it as the path of finding your place of resurrection unfolds. 

It is a prayer that encourages us to experience God’s wonder and mystery, be authentic to our unique calling and destiny and steer away from other paths that tempt us, while trusting that God will provide for our needs and forgive our mistakes.

Oh Presence Divine,

Beyond our imagination,

Greater than we will ever understand,

May we experience your wonder and mystery everywhere,

May we access your source of living water within us,

And may we find our place of resurrection.

As we remain true to our calling and destiny,

May we trust that all our needs will be met,

And that we will be forgiven our mistakes and offenses,

As we acknowledge your unconditional love,

And try to love others in the same way,

May we know the difference between our true destiny,

And other paths that tempt us.

May we be able to resist and avoid evil 

And not be afraid.

You who Are,


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