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Waiting is a Witness

Updated: Mar 10

My husband and I watched a documentary recently called “The Case for Heaven.” It chronicled similarities in near death experiences and reinforced that this earthly life is not all there is and that greater things await in heaven someday. The magnificent moments and experiences of our lives on earth are just glimpses of the life to come.

Many times during the movie I was moved to tears at the thought that someday we will be in the loving embrace of Jesus and enjoy love and joy to the fullest. That all of our brokenness, sinfulness, unfulfilled longings, and strife will come to an end.

When we’re waiting for something we desire in life, it can be easy to focus on just this life and not on the next life. There is a relentless focus on having to get everything we want and desire in this life. The marriage. The home. The career. The kids. The beautiful and enjoyable life. This can become our obsession and focus. We all want to experience fulfillment and goodness in this life because we all have a deep desire for heaven. These experiences we desire while waiting all point to the ultimate experience we will enjoy in heaven.

The waiting woman of you and I is a witness of the waiting we all endure for the Kingdom of God. The woman who is waiting for more, waiting for the fulfillment of her deepest desires, and waiting for that morning joy – that is the true life of the Christian longing for heaven. We waiting women point to a greater truth about the life to come.

Consider that your waiting isn’t just waiting in vain. It’s a witness to the waiting we all have for the Kingdom of God where the manifestation of our deepest desires will be fulfilled.

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