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The Miracle You Didn’t Ask For

I was on my way to another baby shower lamenting why God still hadn't given me the miracle I've asked for and why my friends and family were receiving them instead. While driving a song came on that deeply touched me: “Maybe the Miracle” by Lizzie Morgan. She writes:

Maybe the miracle is not what I asked You for

Maybe my deepest pain, deepens me to know You more

God in my brokenness, you were my faithful friend

And now I see, that may be the miracle.

Have you too prayed for a miracle for a long time without receiving it? I have! It’s tempting to think that God hasn’t answered your prayer, but this song suggests that maybe God did miraculously do something in that time that you may not have recognized. Perhaps He deepened your faith and relationship with Him in a way that only poverty of what you desire can do.

What is a miracle anyways? It’s a sign that God is working powerfully in your life, doing the impossible, breaking chains that bind us, showing His love for us, and using His power to transform us.

Consider the miracle(s) that you didn’t ask for that have been given to you during this time of waiting.

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