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Be Thou My Vision

Looking back on my times of waiting, they often led me to things that I wouldn’t have considered doing otherwise. Back in my twenties I had my life all planned out. I was going to get married early, have a family, and be a stay at home mom. Basically, I'd embody the quintessential Catholic life. I was going to live for my family, just like my parents and grandparents modeled for me. I couldn’t see beyond my vision.

Instead, I found myself growing a fulfilling career in an area I never had on my radar, discerning a vocation, in and out of good and not so good relationships, not being able to get pregnant easily, dealing with a personal health crisis and having to get on the wellness track, writing a book, finding my gifts in various ministries including this one, and landing some of my greatest friendships with people I never expected to meet who are perfect for my life. Life took me down all kinds of roads that I never expected to go down. This wasn’t my vision, but God’s.

Had it all worked out according to my plans, I would have never made the impacts I made or grown into the person God had in mind for me. I had far broader gifts than I ever saw in myself back then that took many years to unfold.

Becoming who God made us to be takes time. We so often limit ourselves to our vision and then God surprises us with twists and turns that make up the beautiful portrait of our lives. This often happens during our waiting times, and if we’re open to God working in unexpected ways, it can lead us to wonderful places, people, and experiences.

One of my most favorite songs is Be Thou My Vision, and may that be our prayer in waiting. Not my vision Lord, but Your’s…

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