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Women in Waiting | Made for Fruitfulness

A ministry of walking with women who are waiting for their vocation of fruitfulness to come alive. ​

Offering words of wisdom, resources, intercessory prayer, spiritual companionship, community, and coaching for single women, women struggling with infertility, women struggling to find purpose in their vocation/career, and women challenged to find healing in order to be more fruitful.

About Women in Waiting

At Women in Waiting | Made for Fruitfulness, we believe that waiting is not just a season, but a journey that shapes and prepares us for fruitfulness.


Our founder and leader Katie experienced several of her own seasons of waiting and realized the need for a ministry that supports and walks with women in similar situations. She started Women in Waiting to provide a safe and encouraging space for women to connect and grow together while waiting for the fruitfulness they were made for to come alive.


We share insights and resources for finding purpose, meaning, and spiritual growth during a waiting journey. From career changes to creative pursuits to service and developing a deeper relationship with God, we explore the different ways in which waiting can be a catalyst for fruitfulness in many areas of life.


Taking care of your well-being is essential in any season of life, but especially in times of waiting. We provide tips, coaching, and resources for taking care of you and other challenges that may arise during the waiting process. Waiting is a time to heal, become healthier, and embrace wholeness.


Waiting can be a lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be. Relationships and community are important in the waiting process - especially with women who are in similar phases of life. From spiritual companionship to community, we help you cultivate meaningful connections and support during your time of waiting.

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