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Women in the Bible were Women who Waited

Have you ever noticed how many women in the Bible waited for their fruitfulness - whether it was marriage, a child, a calling, or a healing? There was Elizabeth, Abraham’s wife Sarah, Hannah, Rachel, Ruth, Tobit’s wife Sarah, Esther, Mary Magdalene, the hemorrhaging women, to name just a few.

Interestingly, their waiting and what they waited for and eventually received are all we really know about them, which may tell us that waiting and the fruitfulness we wait for are a key part of our own story.

Whether it was infertility, a healing, or a special calling, we have so many examples of women who went through waiting periods for fruitfulness in the Bible. We are in good company! As female followers of Jesus, would we expect our lives to be any different?

We don’t know God’s reasons for making these women wait, other than that they were part of His salvation story and He made it a point to include them. Their fruitfulness eventually came in God’s way and God’s time with continued faithfulness. Faithfulness brings forth fruitfulness.

These stories are worth reflecting on during your season of waiting. They have things to teach us about how these women waited including patience, endurance, persistence in prayer, hope of healing, charity, honesty with God, and trust.

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