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The Power of Companionship

Spiritual companionship is powerful. I have reaped the effects of it in my life as I’ve waited.

Several companions of mine have prayed for and with me and spent countless hours sharing wisdom, encouragement, discernment, and time together. I have also had formal spiritual directors along the way that have helped keep me on the straight and narrow when I wanted to jump off. There is great temptation to stray during times of waiting and uncertainty.

The fruits of spiritual companionship and direction have been abundant! To this day, I can feel the effects of those prayers and conversations.

These aren’t just ordinary friends. They are companions in Christ, God given to help us move forward in grace towards our destination. They often speak the Holy Spirit to you in difficult, trying moments.

Do you have a companion in Christ or a spiritual director? This ministry offers you that opportunity if you’re looking for it.

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