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Life Lessons from Lauren Daigle

My husband and I recently went to the Lauren Daigle concert in my city. It was truly a wonderful experience. Joy, energy, and hope radiated from me after it which are signs of the Holy Spirit’s presence. Lauren is an uplifting and joyful Christian female vocalist that truly gives glory to God with her gifts. What a wonderful witness to the world of who God is.

Lauren is single and in her early thirties. She seems to have dedicated her young adult life to her mission of singing for the Lord and her passion of helping children in Guatemala, which was part of her concert. She has leaned into her God-given gifts and potential in a big way and is leading an authentic life. I can’t imagine how purposeful she feels. I think that's where her joy comes from.

Interestingly, Lauren is single. She’s not married, doesn’t have kids, and is in her early 30s. Some traditional Christians may say - what is she thinking!? This is her prime! 

But consider: What if Lauren hadn’t leaned into those talents and passions that have given way to a unique fruitfulness? The world would be missing her impact. Based on the numbers drawn to her concerts, I would say that thousands and even millions have been positively impacted by her musical gifts. Maybe she gave them hope in a dark moment, inspired a bit of joy on a cloudy day, helped them find peace in a difficult situation or phase of life, or reinforced God’s truth that they are loved as they are. Her songs have done that for me. She is building the Kingdom with her music and sustaining the people of God through trials.

Maybe you are stuck in society’s expectation of who you should be or in the typical Christian model of wife and mother that you could be missing out on your unique purpose. I meet so many women who find themselves purposeless when they aren’t meeting their spouse, are experiencing infertility, or aren’t using their gifts fully. Sometimes we get really stuck in tunnel vision of what we’re expected to be and we stay stuck there until it happens, missing out on the time we have to do something great for God. Waiting times can be times to manifest our potential and gifts in ways we never thought possible.

Just because my girlfriend is called to be a wife and mom, doesn’t mean God is asking that of me. I am uniquely made with different gifts and potential. My path to heaven and growing in self-giving could look very different then the female next door or the females I’m surrounded by. It could look more like Lauren’s, pouring myself out in some gift or talent God gave me for the time being.

God has a unique plan for each of us and I’m very certain that it’s not for us to feel purposeless! We each have a unique gift that we’re called to share with others and make fruitful. The Gospel says so.

Look where it can lead! Lauren’s example shows that God can do amazing things if we trust His lead and lean into who we really are.

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