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Healing Precedes the Answered Prayer

I’m healthier now than I was in my twenties. At 26 years old, I fell on my spine and a few months later was diagnosed with a chronic condition which signaled that I would have a poor quality of life -- for the rest of my life. The condition had dozens of co-morbidities that were life-altering. Now I’m approaching 40, have a full and active life, and it’s taken 10+ years to get to this place.

Healing was gradual. It didn’t happen in an instant. It happened with persistence in prayer asking for healing, gradually learning how to take care of myself, and being led to the right health insights and medical decisions. God took the lead and I followed. A lot of broken pieces of mind, body and soul were sown together and made whole over this period of time.

Sometimes we look for instant healing. It’s true that miracles do happen through the saints’ intercession, pilgrimages, sacraments, and healing prayer, but more often than not, healing comes gradually through God guiding us to the right habits and solutions. We often need to play a role in bringing about the healing miracle.

Oftentimes, we are not taking care of ourselves spiritually, emotionally, and physically and we have to change that. Once we do, our mind, body, and soul start syncing and we find our healing. Why? Because many times healing is sustained by lasting lifestyle changes versus quick fixes.

Also, sometimes God waits to give us what we’re desiring until we’ve healed sufficiently. I have found that many women realize this as they are waiting for their desires to manifest. Maybe we can’t carry that healthy baby until our body is well. Maybe we can’t have a good relationship with a spouse until we heal emotionally. Maybe we need to deepen a spiritual area of our soul before the miracle comes to pass. Healing often precedes the answered prayer.

So if you're waiting, a good question to ask yourself during this time is: Where does God want me to heal and become more whole for my next phase of life? Then, let Him lead you to the right answers.

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