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Gifts vs. Rights

We live in a “rights” world, don’t we? I have the right to my dreams and desires coming true in this life. I have a right to live the way I want. I have a right to the pursuit of happiness. This way of looking at the world is an entitled way – I’m entitled to anything I want.

As Christ-followers, we don’t believe that we have a right to everything we want. We believe that all we have is a gift from God. This is a different way of looking at the world. It’s a worldview of gratefulness and thanksgiving for what we do have. We can hope and trust in our dreams and that God will give us the good gifts we desire, but we don’t grasp at or force them into fruition.

A faithful young woman told me once when reflecting on her life situation, “I’m blessed differently.” That really stuck with me! She was able to see her singlehood and lack of dreams fulfilled through the eyes of blessings and see different blessings than she expected and those given to others. She is a great example of viewing the world through the lens of gifts vs. rights.

When we live according to rights, we witness to this life being the only one that matters. We have to get as much out of the world as possible. Alternatively, when we live according to gifts, we know that this life is only part of our journey and heaven is our true home. Whatever we’re given here is a gift, but far greater gifts await.

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